Exhibitors Speak

Exhibitors Speak

Amazing experience, undoubtedly great professionalism. One of the biggest shows I have seen in the Indian gifting industry. Quality crowd, purely B2B in nature. It would be even better if the expo is designed to be more visitor friendly, like grouping companies from the same industry together in one pavilion, this would make navigation and traversing easy for visitors. I am looking forward to the next year.

Mostly we have got regular clients and are happy with that participation but we also expect newer industries to be a part of this show like the financial sector per say, shipping industry, a more comprehensive spread will definitely help. Participation is a little bit skewed in terms of industry representation.

It is much bigger, better and well-organized compared to last year. Clientele and footfall is great in numbers as well as quality and we are expecting it only to grow further!

It is a great exhibition, great learning opportunity and great response. And we will surely like to be a part of it in future editions.

We are one of the biggest fashion brand in India, we have participated as a group, as brand, this is the first time we have participated any such forum. The reason we chose to participate is we saw the way the event was conducted last year and we were impressed.I would like to mention that whatever Mr. Rakesh Desai promised he has absolutely delivered. As far as event is concerned it is truly immersive and people are enjoying. There is surely room for improvement, we would like to see more brands taking part independently and not through distributors. Rest all is fantastic.

More B2B clients is our expectations and if we can avoid paritication of retail consumers it would be great.